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About Me

Hi my name is George, I’m an Affiliate Marketer and it’s nice to meet you all 🙂

I decided to update my About Me page as quite a lot has happened since its creation.

I originally made this website with one important goal in mind, to teach others how to ethically make money online with the power house that is Affiliate Marketing.

Thankfully after getting some of your comments and messages I’d like to think I’ve managed to help quite a few of you already which makes me happy ^^

That’s something I want to keep on doing while at the same time continue learning and reflecting on how I can also do better myself.

When I first created AMK, I also made a couple of other successful websites where I discussed my thoughts, gave honest feedback and would review different products and services after doing in-depth and thorough research.

So I will be trying something new and not only provide guides and helpful content for Affiliate Marketing but also show you live examples of it happening and how it works by reviewing different products and services here on AMK.

One of the most important things I have learned since I became an Affiliate Marketer that will always stand out is; the best way to gain followers, readers, respect, or trust and become successful in the online world is to simply create honest content that actually helps people.

Never sacrifice your integrity for a quick buck. For example I only recommenced a product or service to my readers if I am absolutely certain it is of a high standard that will help them meet their needs.

It would be pointless to suggest to your readers a product or service that is more expensive but of a lesser quality just to make a higher profit, because if they end up unhappy then you get a bad reputation and trust is everything!

Do your research and give genuine pros and cons for each so your readers can make an informed decision.

I’m also happy to share that as per request I have almost finished putting together one of the most comprehensive lists out there of all kinds of free and useful links and resources of the software, tools and valuable information that has greatly helped me along the way and I will update my About Me once more after the finishing touches 🙂

I wasn’t always as savvy with Affiliate Marketing as I am now and the journey was both challenging and rewarding.

People say money doesn’t buy happiness, and as much as I want to have a happy and healthy life it’s hard to have that if you can’t even put food on the table.

The hard truth is that many of our struggles and sad times in life are caused by financial difficulties. Yes money isn’t everything but financial stability is important.

We all have our struggles (gods know I’ve had mine) and it’s not always fair, but that doesn’t mean we should give up.

Prior to this for many years I was working full time barely able to pay the bills let alone save up some money for the future.

I’ve had jobs in manual labour, I have been a Cashier at William Hill, and even a Financial Advisor at TSB bank, but none of them gave me the happiness and freedom I was looking for. After losing some loved ones I had to take a step back and evaluate life.

I realised that I wanted to do something more than just work myself to death and set out on a mission to find out how.

The Struggle

I knew there were countless people making money online but I had no experience and no one to show me the way.

So I spent whatever free time I had researching how it can be done and needless to say… I had my ups and downs.

I tried many websites and products that assured they could help me make money “effortlessly”, from paid online surveys, to online market trading and so much more.

Most, but not all websites like that are scams and fail to deliver on their promises, especially if they guaranteed income. It left me discouraged and frustrated but I refused to give up!

The Breakthrough

After learning from my mistakes and with some thorough research, I discovered that my best bet at making an honest living online was Affiliate Marketing.

I had a couple sites running, but I wasn’t getting anywhere near the results I needed for it to be life changing.

It took me a while before I finally found the right places, the right training, and the right people to set me on my path to taking control of my life.

One of the biggest turning points was discovering Wealthy Affiliate which is where I learned much of what I know today.

Similar to a school it offers simple and comprehensive training with a huge community full of like-minded individuals looking to progress in the online world as well as established Internet Marketers and online entrepreneurs.

Best of all it’s completely free and doesn’t hype up its promises like other websites and products do.

All it took was my name, an email and I had access to an abundance of text and video training materials.

With the help and support of the amazing community there, I put in the effort, made use of the resources and I took action on what I learned.

The Result

You’re looking at it.

Learning to create websites like this allowed me to work from anywhere in the world at the hours that suit me as long as I had an internet connection.

I’m able to continue to grow both my business and myself while also making more money than I would have working for someone else.

Most importantly though (to me at least) I can focus on happiness. I can spend time with my family and friends without financial stresses weighing me down.

You don’t need a college degree or any previous experience in this field to be successful.

I can give you the tools and the knowledge you need to succeed but it is ultimately down to you to make use of them and take action on what you learn.

Building your own online business won’t happen overnight. It takes dedication, consistency and hard work but all you need to do is to try!

Keep working towards your goals and there will be absolutely nothing that can stop you from finding success and achieving your dreams!

For those who are new to this start here

It’s great to meet you all and feel free to contact me if you ever need anything. Drop me a comment below or you can always get in touch with me over at WealthyAffiliate


George 🙂


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  • I think you've hit on a real key to success, specifically, "You don’t need a college degree or any previous experience in this field to be successful." Some people say that lack of experience is a bad thing. And they're probably right, as far as being an employee goes. But when it comes to eCommerce and starting your own business, the paradigm has shifted and ignorance, while not exactly bliss, is the kind of thing that will come in handy when learning to do something like this for the first time; as a result the person building from the ground up doesn't bring to the table a collection of preconceived notions but a teachable mind.

    Thanks for sharing a part of yourself, in your "About me" page. Best of continued luck and success.

  • Affiliate marketing is really the best, reading through your about page i get to flashback where i come from before i got to Wealthy Affiliate, I was really lost and with Wealthy Affiliate the training is really the best ... you just work anywhere in the world as long as you are having a computer and an internet connection .

  • Thanks for your post.  It gives a clear map of what it takes to make money on the Internet.  The explanation seems to be straight forward and to the point; easy to follow too.  I like the fact that you seem to be realistic in your description of the process and do not offer instant money rewards to anyone.

    Worth giving it a try.  Thanks again.

  • Hi it’s nice to know a bit more about you and your site. It’s very inspiring to see someone taking the decision to do their best to take control of the direction of their life and finances. I wish you good luck on your affiliate marketing journey. I hope you will be updating your post on the future to let everyone know how your doing soon. Thanks, Kenny

  • Hi, George, thank you so much for sharing your well written article on affiliate marketing. And for creating a website to teach people how to make money online in a legit way. I have no doubt many people will benefit from the information you share.

    The journey you have traveled so far to financial freedom through Wealthy Affiliate is so inspiring. It is also encouraging to hear affiliate marketing works.

    It’s my dream as well to be financially stable one day and have peace of mind. Without money in my pocket it’s practically impossible to enjoy the company of friends and family. Affiliate marketing is the way I choose.

    • Hey there :) thank you for your kind words. I'm sure if you continue to work hard towards your goals then you will find success and I wish you the best in your future endeavours!

  • Hi George, glad to have found your site!

    I love what you stand for - never sacrifice integrity for quick bucks. Making money online is a slippery slope. I saw many people eventually fall for the temptation and lost their focus. As long as we always remember our objective is to help people, everything will eventually fall into the right places.

    Nice read for me. Look forward to more exciting posts from you!

    • Hi there Grace thank you for commenting :) I am glad you feel the same and I couldn't agree more. If you make your focus on helping people instead of just making money then success will come.

  • Hello George, I am happy that you have success and found yourself financial freedom, and that you are also pointing people in the right direction to find this for themselves. Thank you for this great article of your journey, good luck having more success.

  • Hi George! Thanks for sharing your story- it is wonderful that you are sharing with others how you have created a lifestyle and career that supports what you love to do! I think it is also great that you shared the tenacity it took to achieve the goal that you had for yourself as often times people give up too soon. Definitely a huge fan of Wealthy Affiliate myself so great that you can share this with others so that they can get started :)

    • Hi Andrea, it wasn't easy but with all the help and support I had it was impossible to fail! My goal is to show people that there is another way and that they don't have to struggle like I struggled thanks for commenting :)

  • Hello George, it seems as though me and you have similar goals and have been run through the mill with all the false promises found online. Your website looks awesome and it's always nice to meet someone who is part of the wealthy affiliate team. Great post.

  • Hi George, Thanks for sharing your journey and for your beautiful website. So glad to hear that you were able to come across a legitimate and helpful program with Wealthy Affiliate, given how many scams and schemes there are out there! All the best as you build your business. I look forward to reading more of your useful tips.

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