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AMK Day 1: Welcome

Welcome to AMK Day 1 Training

So you’ve decided to take the first crucial steps in starting a business online!

The goal of this course is to help you build a business and it won’t happen overnight. It takes dedication, consistency and hard work.

How much you make is down to the time and effort you put in!

Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, my aim is to provide value regardless of experience.

Here is an overview of the course to give you a heads up of what’s to come.

Course Overview

Day 1 covers the basics of what you can expect from this course, how I became an internet marketer, and how you can do the same.

Day 2 will cover how to make money online and get you thinking about what type of business you want to build.

Day 3 is all about identifying scams, how to avoid them, and the ethical ways of making money online.

Day 4 takes a look at some of the most effective business models and why they work so well.

Day 5 we look at how to apply your knowledge to be successful.

What More To Expect

At the end of each day I will give you 3 simple tasks to keep you focused, motivated and get you in the routine of taking action on what we learn.

Remember, if you don’t take action, everything is just theory and how is theoretical money going to help you?

As long as you use what I teach over the next few days, nothing can stop you from becoming successful!

All about Internet Marketing

This is actually a broad term, but one of the most popular forms of Internet Marketing is Affiliate Marketing and for good reason!

So What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of internet marketing where you earn money by promoting someone else’s products or services.

Some examples here would be Amazon, Apple, Canon, Ikea, Nike, Samsung, etc.

They’re happy to pay you a commission because you help them find new customers they wouldn’t have otherwise found.

The commission you earn depends on what you sell and who you sell for but there are plenty of options!

Today’s Tasks

Task 1 Create Your Free Account at Wealthy Affiliate

You should have done this already, but if you haven’t, click here to register.
All it takes is your name and email to join and you can stay as a free member and still make a profit.

Task 2 Add a Profile Picture, Write a Short Bio and Say Hi

This is important as it affects how others see you in the community and they are more likely to help someone who they feel is serious about growing their business.

Task 3 Read About Me

I like my readers to know who they are talking to and how I got to where I am now, click here to learn more about me

That’s it for today great stuff so far and I’ll see you tomorrow! 🙂

Need Help?

Just ask! If you find yourself stuck, confused, want to leave me feedback, or simply need a hand with anything that I have discussed here, leave a comment below or you can get in touch with me inside of Wealthy Affiliate through my profile there.


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