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How to Make Passive Income From Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Passive Income From Affiliate Marketing

The ultimate guide on how to make passive income from Affiliate Marketing

Hi everyone, today we will be learning how to make passive income from Affiliate Marketing, we’ll be covering what it is, how it works, and how to get started.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of internet marketing where you get paid for promoting available products or services.

Some examples here would be Amazon, Apple, Canon, Ikea, Nike, Samsung, etc.

They’re happy to pay you a commission because you help them find new customers they wouldn’t have otherwise found.

The commission you earn depends on what you sell and who you sell for, but there are plenty of options!

How Does it Work?

There are many different strategies for making money online as an Affiliate Marketer.

Don’t be fooled by people claiming how their particular strategy is THE strategy and to forget everything else.

It really comes down to preference and how you want to do business online, but the basic formula never changes:

Choose an Interest

I find this is what stumps a lot of people and understandably so.

It’s better to come at it from the opposite direction, take a look at what affiliate products and services are available first and then decide.

The best advice I can give you is to not over-think it. There are more than 4.33 billion people on the internet, never let yourself become so afraid of failing that you won’t even try, it’s all about taking action!

Build your Website

In this day and age building a website is simple by using a free website builder. I strongly recommend you take a look at my guide on how to build a website for free if you haven’t already.

Attract Visitors

A great way to attract visitors to your site is by creating content that people like and look for.

Here are some ideas to get creative juices flowing:

Writing reviews about quality products or services e.g. the best cameras, clothing, food, furniture, guitars, jewellery, software, technology, tools, web hosting… There are limitless options for you to choose from!

Talking about your favourite * books, games, movies, music, TV shows… Perhaps you’re a Game of Thrones fan so you talk about it and promote GoT books or T-shirts.

Teaching people a skill like cooking, dancing, martial arts, playing an instrument, singing… If you have a skill or skills share it with the world! Many people online are eager to learn something new, so why not be the one to teach them?

Inform people about a subject you know really well like dieting, DIY, exercise, fishing, home decorating, nutrition… With so many using the internet, there will be more than a few who will appreciate your opinions and thoughts on a given topic!

Earn Revenue

There are many ways to go about earning revenue for your website. The most common being (and for good reason) is adding affiliate links.

You add affiliate links of relevant products to what your site or blog is about, and then make money through commissions from each sale.

You can also look at (sensibly) placing ads or even guest blogging in future once your website becomes more established in the online world.

What we are doing here is building a business and it won’t happen overnight. You need to give it some love and attention to flourish!

Any website that promises you quick riches is almost always a SCAM!

It’s possible to earn thousands a month, week, or even a day depending on the amount of visitors that come to your website.

How much you make is down to the time and effort you put in!

Website Traffic

Website traffic is the amount of people who visit your site and the more traffic you have, the more income you can earn.

Some ways of getting traffic:

  • Organic searches through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
  • Share on Social Media like Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
  • Buying traffic through Google/ Facebook ads for example to reach a greater audience.

How to Get Started

One of the best things about affiliate marketing is that it can be done by anybody! I’ve seen successful affiliate websites made by a 10 year old and another by a 70 year old.

Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals if you put in effort and take action on what you learn!

It’s important to have a good foundation on affiliate marketing. This guide shows you step by step how to start and build yourself a long-term online business.

Whether you’ve had experience with affiliate marketing or not. There is still so much valuable information in the training materials to find.

It covers the following topics and more:

  • Finding an Interest (Niche Ideas)
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Keywords and Content Ideas
  • Setting up Your Website
  • Getting Your Site Ready for SEO
  • Creating Quality Content
  • Monetizing Your Content
  • Sharing Your Content

They are all in-depth and up to date with the newest technologies.

Get started with 2 free websites including hosting!

Join our friendly community of over 1.4 million members.

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I hope you all enjoyed the read and found our How to Make Passive Income From Affiliate Marketing guide to be helpful!

Need Help?

Just ask! If you find yourself stuck, confused, want to leave me feedback, or simply need a hand with anything that I have discussed here, leave a comment below or you can get in touch with me inside of Wealthy Affiliate through my profile here.


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  • Hello George,  I really liked your site. I found the information to be quite useful and that the summary you did can help a lot of beginners like myself. Many thanks for the good work done well, I intend to use your guide.I think you are well advanced in this content writing job.

  • Hello,

    I have been making money with affiliate marketing during the last year. At first I got started in the make money online niche, I wasn't very successful since the niche is very competitive. Six months ago a started a new website in a new niche and since then I have been seeing more success. I personally think that affiliate marketing is the best way to make passive income. I mean, if you continue working on your site, not only you are going to make passive income, but you are going to make a higher and higher sum of it every month.

    I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate and learned everything I know about affiliate marketing from this training. However, in my opinion, (even though Wealthy Affiliate has been great for me, I dedicate my success to it), it failed to teach me how important it is to choose the right niche. They say that you can make money in every niche, I didn't experience this with my first website. Fortunately, I saw which of my posts were being more successful and I narrowed down my niche.

    • Hi there, thank you for your input :) I am glad you are finding more success after narrowing down your niche but I do have to disagree. Any niche can be successful even when over-saturated as long as you target the right kinds of keywords. Long-tailed keywords are preferable at least when starting out until your website gets enough authority and trust to target more popular keywords.

  • Thank you for writing this guide in an easy-to-understand way!

    I agree that most of the time when a scheme over-promising the outcome, it is usually a scam. Too bad many people still fall for it thinking that they have found the holy grail to making money online.

    Affiliate marketing when done right, can bring in passive income that last. Hard work is inevitable, but the reward is surely worth the effort.

    • Hi again Grace :) Yes sadly many people still fall victim to promises of easy money online. Thankfully there are genuine ways to succeed online but as you said hard work is a must

  • Hi George (not the name I used to),
    Thanks for guiding me to this site, and with really detailed content as well.
    It is quite helpful :)
    Look forward for more great content from you!!!

    • Hi Erlia (also not the name I'm used to haha)

      I'm happy you found the post helpful and plan on releasing a lot more content very soon! :)

  • Hello George,

    Thanks for the well written article! I am new to affiliate marketing and this really helped me get started.

    My friends are telling me to focus on working my day job and stop dreaming about working online. I know my decision is right by at least trying affiliate marketing.

    Thank you for the informative post,

  • Hi George. Great article. Inspiring and to the point. I love affiliate marketing, you have the freedom to promote anything you want. This is great for people that both, want to promote products others create or even promote your own products, products that you create. The possibilities are endless with affiliate marketing.

  • Hi George, affiliate marketing is a legit business model that many online marketers apply to make money on their websites.

    I liked the four points you mentioned in your article. You keep it simple as it should be.

    It needs time and patience but it definitely works!

    I hope the beginners who read this article hear your advice. :)

    • Hi Ilias, thanks for commenting and I do my best to keep things as simple and to the point as I can :)

  • I love the article and the website title! It's informative and beautifully designed. There are a few techniques that you mentioned that I want to try, especially the one about picking your focus.
    I look forward to trying that on my next website. So how many different focuses would you suggest for an entire website?

    • Hi Cameron I'm glad you enjoyed the article and thanks for your kind feedback! I suggest at first sticking to one focus you know well and love for your website. You can expand on it once it is doing well or outsource the content creation and make another website down the line hope that helps :)

  • George,

    Would you recommended focusing on one form of social media sharing before branching out to others? Or should I dip into each equally in order to generate more website traffic?

    I like the platform you've chosen, the images are beautiful, and it is easy to navigate. Your content is informative and clear.

    • Hi Kendra, I appreciate your feedback and to answer I strongly suggest making use of as many relevant social media platforms as you can! It lets you reach out to as many people as possible and stops one from towering over the others in terms of following if you were to add them later. At the very least to me Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are a must. You can always look at social media management software such as Hootsuite and PostIntelligence to save you from jumping back and forth from each of them once they are set up. Hope that helps! :)

  • Affiliate marketing is so awesome and that is why so many people are turning to this type of work because of all the benefits that are involved. The success stories that are told based on this kind of work is really amazing. Your post is very informative with tons of good information.

    • Hi Norman thanks for your input and glad you liked the post. I agree, with uncapped income and choosing your own hours there's really no downside once you get the hang of it! :)

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